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Apostle MiniMax cf-DNA Blood Collection Tube (5 pcs)

Apostle MiniMax cf-DNA Blood Collection Tube (5 pcs)
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Apostle MiniMax cf-DNA Blood Collection Tube (5 pcs)

Powered by Apostle MiniMax technology, Apostle MiniMax cfDNA Blood Collection Tube (BCT) is an excellent tool for blood cfDNA preservation during blood collection, storage and transport.

This is achieved through Apostle MiniMaxTM cfDNA BCT’s ability to:

  • Prevent the release and contamination of genomic DNA from cells in blood during storage and transportation.
  • Preserve existing cfDNA in blood from degradation.
  • Prevent existing cfDNA in blood from cross-linking with with other biomolecules (i.e. protein).

In summary, high cfDNA quality can be preserved with Apostle MiniMaxTM cfDNA Blood Collection Tube for downstream applications, through the prevention of cfDNA degradation, crosslingking and contamination.

Configuration: 5 tubes. 10 mL each tube.  

Cat #: A17930-5.


Protocol (User Guide): Apostle_MiniMax_BCT_User_Intruction_v2.pdf

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): Apostle_cfDNA_BCT_MSDS_01.pdf 

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Nature 子刊 Nature Communications 近期发表又一项高影响力国际临床研究,其中应用 Apostle 艾铂图 MiniMax 游离核酸技术。此研究包括2125名癌症患者,9种不同的癌症类型。此研究表明,应用cfDNA游离核酸技术,可以有效、高敏感度地检测早期癌症。Apostle 艾铂图 MiniMax 游离核酸技术不断在国际上得到广泛的应用,迄今,已发表、被引用 Nature 子刊 3篇 ( Nature Medicine X 2, Nature Communications X 1), Science 子刊 1 篇, PNAS 1 篇,各种临床研究50余篇等。 祝贺此临床研究团队!期待Apostle 艾铂图技术更好地为人类做贡献。