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cfRNA 分离实验室服务

cfRNA 分离实验室服务
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cfRNA 分离实验室服务

cell free DNA (cfDNA) Isolation Service

  • High quality, cfRNA isolation service.
  • Performed by highly experienced and trained Apostle laboratory experts.
  • Turn-around time is normally 48-72 hours, and can be individually arranged.
  • Powered by Apostle MiniMax technology, Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency cfRNA Isolation Kit offers superior isolation efficiency of cell-free RNAs between 17 nt to 1000 nt, without phenol or chloroform.
  • Ready for a broad range of subsequent applications, including sequencing, PCR, etc.
  • It is suitable for processing samples collected in various major blood collection tubes, especially which will prevent RNA degradation during storage.
  • The superb performance of Apostle MiniMax technology has been extensively validated.  Please review the examples of publications and performance data at: 
  • Configuration: per sample.
  • Cat #: A18312-SR-1.
  • Questions and requests?  Email:

2024年2月,美国MD Anderson癌症中心科学家团队领衔的一项新临床研究发表在Cell子刊 Cancer Cell (影响因子 50.3),建立了临床证据和方法,使用肿瘤cfDNA 甲基化分析可以有效区分小细胞肺癌(SCLC) 亚型,并用于指导SCLC 治疗方案。 在论著的方法学部分,Apostle MiniMax cfDNA 试剂盒被明确列在“关键商业试剂” (Critical commercial assays)表格中,作出自己应用的贡献。Apostle 艾铂图 MiniMax 游离核酸技术不断在国际上得到广泛的应用,迄今,已发表、被引用 Nature 子刊 4篇 ( Nature Medicine X 2, Nature Communications X 2), Science 子刊 1 篇, PNAS 1 篇,各种临床研究60余篇,作者单位来自60余国际领先的医学研究和临床单位。 祝贺此临床研究团队!期待Apostle 艾铂图技术更好地为人类做贡献。