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cfDNA/RNA (cfNAs) 分离

cfDNA/RNA (cfNAs) 分离
Apostle MiniMax cfDNA/cfRNA isolation kit is featured for its efficient recovery of cfDNA in the range between 50-3000bp and cfRNA in the range between 17-1000 nt, and the isolated nucleic acids can be applied for NGS and PCR-based downstream applications.Configuration: 1mL x 50 preps (A18725-50). &..
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在 Apostle MiniMax 高效游离核酸分离技术的协助下,近期一项临床研究证实循环游离DNA在肝细胞肝癌检测中的临床价值,展现出高敏感度、特异度。此项研究发表在 Science Translational Medicine.