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Apostle Triton 生物信息学技术

Apostle Triton 是一个生物信息学技术框架,基于应用超过30,000名癌症患者的内部注释数据库以产生高精度的数据分析。


  • Cancer is a genetically heterogeneous disease.
  • Somatic mutations exist in both cancer and normal cells.
  • We still know very little about the genetics of cancer. There is a lacking of a comprehensive and coherent way to mine the big data repository of cancer genetics and apply the applicable findings.
  • The clinical application of liquid biopsy is further complicated by the characteristics of cell free tumor nucleic acids: low concentration, complex fragmentation, etc.

Here, we introduce Apostle Triton, a bioinformatics framework designed for liquid biopsy, which utilizes the big data from cancer genomics, evaluates disease effects of somatic mutations/variants and expression signatures, and apply the findings in the settings of liquid biopsy.

在 Apostle MiniMax 高效游离核酸分离技术的协助下,近期一项临床研究证实循环游离DNA在肝细胞肝癌检测中的临床价值,展现出高敏感度、特异度。此项研究发表在 Science Translational Medicine.